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Michael Fuchs
  • born in 1982
  • native Berliner
  • nerd
  • passionate cyclist
  • does not believe in: chemtrails or microchips in vaccines
  • believes: we should do more to protect the environment
  • likes: graphic novels, science fiction, wine and whiskey
  • started with BASIC on a robotron KC85/4 in the early 90s
  • soon switched to Pascal - the language I have remained loyal to until today
  • a lot of professional experience with .NET and PHP
  • plus the usual tools like SQL, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Symfony and much more
  • great enthusiasm for software architecture, clean code development, agile development, requirements engineering, etc.
  • regular speaker at local user groups and conferences
  • Chairman of the Board at Lazarusforum e.V.

personal website with source codes, tutorials and lectures

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Graphics & Arts
  • started exploring digital art in 2017
  • using Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, LMMS, and more
  • special preference for pixel art and low poly 3D models

personal website, collection of graphics and videos

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2021, Michael Fuchs